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Born Horse Crazy
November 20, 2012

This will be the first year that Horse Whispers figurines will be available as Christmas presents, and we fully expect that giving and receiving them will become a cherished new Holiday Tradition. With that in mind, we thought we would share a true Christmas story written by Trail of Painted Ponies artist Janet Snyder, that wonderfully captures the horse-and-girl connection….

“When I was little, the only thing I ever wanted was a horse. I’m not sure how it started or why, there was just something about them that drew me and I loved everything about them. I was just born horse crazy.

“I had all kinds of toy horses with riders and stables to put them in. My room was covered with posters of horses, shelves with horse figurines and I had lots of books with pictures that I’d show my parents, showing them the kind of horse I wanted. All they would say is, we live in town, there’s no place to keep one.

“Every Christmas my parents would ask what I wanted and I always told them a pony. They’d take me to see Santa and I’d tell him, please, please bring me a pony for Christmas, one just like Little Joe’s pinto on Bonanza. When Christmas morning would come, I’d run to the tree hoping to unwrap a saddle or bridle or some hint that a pony might be tied outside in the backyard. I’d run through the house looking out the windows but there was never a pony to be found.

“After several years of this, my parents finally gave in. On Christmas we all gathered to open presents and my dad says, open this one first, it’s a special present from Santa. I picked it up and shook it like I always do trying to figure out what was inside. I opened it and let out a scream, it was a new halter with the name “Domino” engraved on a brass plate attached to the cheek piece. I ran to the window and tied to a trailer outside was a beautiful bay pinto all saddled up and ready to take for a ride. My dreams finally came true.”

This year, if a live Pony isn’t in the picture, giving that horse crazy girl in your life a Horse Whispers figurine will be the next best thing. Click Here to view the collection and place your order.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Horse Whispers!

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    erika said on May 17, 2014:


    these figurines show the unimaginable bond btween girl and her horse...i am still hoping for a real horse of my own but this figurine comes close-and thats saying a lot!!

    Pat Layne said on August 02, 2013:
    Hi, I too was a horse lover from childhood, drew them, colored them, painted them, collected horse figures, read horse books, saw horse movies, rode a little in my teens, but only once did I have a ride where I felt that one with the horse! will never forget it...sadly I'm now old and never had a real horse of my own, but still follow the love however I can. Spend lots of time are Arlington Park race track in the summer - My happy place for "love of horses" So happy to find the Horse Whispers figurines. They are now on my birthday and Christmas lists. (how silly, I'm crying as I write this) thank you Pat Layne

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